What is it?

MotoUSB is a water resistant USB charger for your motorbike. Any USB powered device: a phone, a digital camera, a power bank, an MP3 player or a GPS receiver will always be ready and charged, when you need them!

Installs in 15 minutes at authorized locations.

Water and dust proof cap

Charges all USB devices, output 5V, 2100mA

How can the charger be installed?

What our happy users are saying

"I have been using MotoUSB for over 3 months and I can't imagine my motorbike without it now. It has saved the day many times for me, not letting my iPhone become a useless brick and leave me without GPS, music or the ability to take photos. I also charge my GoPro and sometimes Android devices of my friends. It's such a positive change when your road trips don't drain, but recharge your smartphone!"

Pavel Shershnev CTO TripWeCan

"I used to carry a power bank with me all the time, before I got my bike charger installed. Now my bag became lighter - less is more!"

Anonymous happy user

How do I get mine? Can I rent a bike already equipped with MotoUSB?

MotoUSB motorbike and scooter charger can be bought and installed at the locations indicated on the following map in white. Recommended retail price 120k IDR, installation can be 15-25k IDR, depending on your bike model. You can also rent a bike with MotoUSB already installed! Partner rental shops are marked in blue.
If you wish, we can even come and install it, just leave a message on facebook, we will call you back. The price with installation will be $13, you pick the place and the time!

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